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How It All Started

Our inspiration stems from our own experiences as parents, navigating all those 'first-time' moments with a new baby. Shnuggle was founded with the goal of creating products that simplify life for parents and enhance safety for babies.

Award-Winning Design

In the autumn of 2009, we launched the first hypoallergenic and wickerless moses basket, assembling them in our garage and packing orders after the kids had gone to bed. This was the beginning of our vision for Shnuggle: to make life easier and safer for growing families.

Today, our innovative product range spans Sleep, Bath, and Change categories, earning over 50 consumer, industry, and business awards. Our designs are rigorously tested by parents and celebrated for their innovation and quality.

Growing and Innovating

Now, as parents of three, we are supported by a fantastic team dedicated to making life easier and safer for hundreds of thousands of families worldwide. Each Shnuggle product is thoughtfully designed with input from parents at every stage.

We are excited about the future and cherish being part of countless family stories, continually striving to innovate and improve our offerings.

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